Research & Papers

Research papers relevant to this project are:

  1. Crumley, R.; Palomaki, R; Nolin, A.; Sproles, E.A.; Mar, E. (Submitted) SnowCloudMetrics: Snow Information for Everyone. Remote Sens.

  2. Sproles, E. A.; Crumley, R. L.; Nolin, A. W.; Mar, E.; Moreno, J. I. L. SnowCloudHydro—A New Framework for Forecasting Streamflow in Snowy, Data-Scarce Regions. Remote Sens. 2018, 10, 1276, doi:10.3390/rs10081276.

  3. Sproles, E. A.; Kerr, T.; Orrego Nelson, C.; Lopez, Aspe, D. Developing a snowmelt forecast model in the absence of field data. Water Resour. Manag. 2016, 30, 2581–2590, doi:10.1007/s11269-016-1271-4.